Welcom, I'm Saar Brin.

About Me

I started my journey in computer science in high school, and ever since, I've been studying.

I spent many hours to reach my goal of becoming a software and web developer, and now I'm ready for my duty.

The secret to our success


Team Work

Work With Smile

My Specialties

Microsoft Excel

The easiest way to manage information is Excel.

Excel helps us build amazing sketches and diagrams in a quick time and high quality.

Universal Windows Platform

Create apps with the new version from Microsoft, the UWP.

The powerful tool that helps us build amazing apps with an excellent user interface.


C# is responsible for the logical and operational part of our application.

This part connects all components to a complete and working application.


Build beautiful websites with the help of these guys.

HTML - responsible for the structure of the web.

CSS - responsible for the design.

J.S - responsible for the functions